Is it time your business went Digital?

If your business is lacking an online presence don’t worry, Hookd Promotions is ready to help you create a cohesive, technology-driven online presence for your customers.


Below are just some of the highlights of what digital can do. We can help you create a customized, digital approach that fits your business and your budget! Contact the experts–you’ll be glad you did!

Website & Landing Pages

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Think of your website as your online office or store. It brings a sense of legitimacy to your business and is often the first place people will check when they are interested in your products or services. Not to mention the importance of an active, attractive, well-designed website when it comes to SEO and paid online advertising. Whether you need a full website redesign or a landing page promoting a specific product or promotion, Hookd can help!

Responsive Design

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Did you know that if your website has responsive mobile design you will rank higher on Google? Do you even know what that means? It’s okay, you don’t have to as long as you make sure that you are doing it! We can help with that. Responsive design means that no matter the size of your screen or what device your website and landing pages are being viewed on, it is optimized and resized for those screens. If your pages don’t render on mobile phones Google won’t even show them on search results. We’re full of all sorts of helpful information like this, and best of all we know how to implement the changes you need. Let us help!

Drive Web Traffic

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So you have this beautiful website, but no one ever seems to see it…that’s a problem–a problem, that Hookd can help you solve. Driving website traffic is our specialty! We use a combination of analytics, keywords, and paid digital advertising to get your products seen by your target audiences across the web. Seriously though, we live for this stuff. Let us help you create a custom solution that drives relevant customers to your website and landing pages.

Reach Interested Customers

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You’d be amazed at how much information we can generate about a specific target audience. Whether you are looking to advertise online, create content, or distribute your existing branded materials we can help you get your info into the hands of your most likely customers. And don’t even get us started on retargeting…

Get started today, and reach the audiences that are most likely to become your customers and clients.


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As of June 2017, Facebook has over 2 Billion monthly users. Holy moley! That is a whole lot of people just waiting to hear about your products and services. At Hookd we have specialists that take the time to learn the most effective ways of reaching your customers, and displaying the information they want to see. So let the experts navigate that tenth Facebook update this month, and get your ads to your customers!

Google Ads

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So, you know when you search something on Google and the top results all have that little “ad” symbol under them? Or maybe you were searching for a funky new pair of sunglasses and now all your favorite websites are showing you ads of the exact pair you added to your cart, but just didn’t pull the trigger on. Well that my friend, is the power of Google, and that is a power Hookd possesses. We can help you do the same thing with your products and services. Contact us today and we can create a customized digital ad approach!


Digital. Digital. I want to get Digitaaal! If you do too, let us know, and we can create a custom digital marketing plan that will help launch your business into the digital age!
``…The materials developed for us were spot on. They looked great, gave us a cohesive brand, and helped to communicate our message.``- Cori Beskow, UW - Stout, ARC
``…They listened to our needs, concerns and goals and then came back with ideas that blew it out of the ballpark. Their vision was just what we needed and wanted.``- Kristin Everett, Marketing Director, Ken Vance INC.
``At Hookd Promotions you feel like family, they genuinely care about your products and the outcome of their service.``- Issy Bauer, Owner, Collars USA
``The team is so great to work with! I appreciate the lengths they went to in order to truly understand our needs. The print pieces they created were inspired and exactly what we needed.``- Libby Smith, UW-Stout

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